For your information…

Hello! Welcome, Seja bem vindo and Youkoso!

This here is my humble blog. In here you shall find all kinds of fymusings: Photografy, fyllustrations, arfycles, and even refyews. Or maybe nofyng at all!!

Maybe I should start introducing myself. What is a Fy, you ask? A Fy is a tiny brazilian girl who lives in Sao Paulo and studies Graphical Design. She has five cats, two of which live up there in the clouds. She loves drawing, sculpting, playing games, karaokeing and eating. Nice to meet you!! If you are interested in seeing more of my stuff, my tumblr would be a good place.

This blog will be about random stuff I’m passionate about, which includes games, drawing, food and figures. It will be mostly in English, but some portuguese posts might pop up here and then!

Well, that’s that for now! Hope you enjoy the trip!


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