Fydventures #??: Tokyo Game Show (pt 1)

ひさしぶりだね!Hello again everyone!
We interrupt you regular schedule for a special post (before I forget everything again): Tokyo Game Show!

Before we start, I should warn you that I’m not used to taking pics of everything I see (which is partly why this blog is so barebones) and that pictures weren’t allowed at a good portion of TGS, so this might be a bit boring. I also went to TGS for a very specific reason, so I didn’t get to see it to it’s fullest!

Well, without further ado: TGS 2014!! Continue reading


Fydventures #1: Nihon e youkoso!

Most that are reading this blog probably already know, but I’ve been accepted in a scholarship to study in Japan for one year. This scholarship in question is Science Without Borders, a scholarship from the Brazilian government that sends thousands of students to study abroad. I’m required to mention it on every article I publish, but I’m not sure my travel blog is what they had in mind when they made that rule.

But before I tell you all about Glorious Nippon, I’d like to tell you the stories of how I actually got here. Because I’m still surprised it all panned out. Continue reading

Figure collection

One of the biggest frustrations in life is how I’m always unable of keeping my room clean. Part of that includes my figure collection – I feel the worst for not taking care of it as well as I should.

I was unable to finish cleaning my room before coming to Japan, but I made sure to organize my entire collection so I could finally take pictures of it. The disposition isn’t perfect – Vocaloid shelf is too cramped, some figures are broken and others need risers – but hopefully you’ll enjoy the pictures anyway! (also, sorry for all the dust)

And that’s it!! This post is missing the pictures from my plushie collection, which I might add later, but this is my collection! ♥ Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

For your information…

Hello! Welcome, Seja bem vindo and Youkoso!

This here is my humble blog. In here you shall find all kinds of fymusings: Photografy, fyllustrations, arfycles, and even refyews. Or maybe nofyng at all!!

Maybe I should start introducing myself. What is a Fy, you ask? A Fy is a tiny brazilian girl who lives in Sao Paulo and studies Graphical Design. She has five cats, two of which live up there in the clouds. She loves drawing, sculpting, playing games, karaokeing and eating. Nice to meet you!! If you are interested in seeing more of my stuff, my tumblr would be a good place.

This blog will be about random stuff I’m passionate about, which includes games, drawing, food and figures. It will be mostly in English, but some portuguese posts might pop up here and then!

Well, that’s that for now! Hope you enjoy the trip!